How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

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May 18, 2018
How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

Planning to haul that long-standing junk in your yard away? Well, there are some things you need to know. To haul away junk, companies will use a big truck. How much does it cost to haul junk away? Service cost depends on a few factors, including your location, the volume of the trash, and necessary surcharges. Also, keep in mind that all of the numbers and prices mentioned in this article are based off of national averages and information. 

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?
How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

How Much Does it Cost to Haul Junk Away?

To get an exact estimate of the cost you will shoulder, contact a reputable junk removal service. You can also check our guide that is based off of national averages below to get a glimpse of how much your expenses will be.

How to Price Junk Removal Jobs?

Most of the time, the cost of junk removal services mainly depends on the volume of your trash, and this is measured by the truckload. A truck that has a maximum load of 450 ft3 usually costs around $550. One full load of a truck is equivalent to about four pick-up truck loads.

Homeowners spend an average of $70 to $570 for removing junk. Most of them pay $150 to $350, single-family homes around $200, and businesses about $500. Some junk removal companies also offer on-the-spot pricing and online pricing estimation, allowing homeowners to get a quick and more exact price. With online pricing, remember that the size of items may vary, which can affect the actual price.

Check out the price list below for the average cost by the truckload. Once again, keep in mind that these numbers are based off of national averages and information. 

Truck LoadVolume in ft3Average Cost
Minimum60 ft3 and below$70 to $100
1/6th load60 to 80 ft3$90 to $130
1/4th load80 to 120 ft3$100 to $150
3/8th load120 to 180 ft3$150 to $200
Half load180 to 240 ft3$200 to $300
5/8th load240 to 300 ft3$250 to $330
3/4th load300 to 360 ft3$300 to $380
7/8th load360 to 420 ft3$350 to $435
Full load420 to 480 ft3$400 to $450

Classifying Your Items

Another thing that you need to consider is the classification of your items to be removed, as this will affect the cost and type of professional required. Although junk is generally used to describe items that need to be disposed of, there are differences among the terms compost, junk, trash, waste, and e-waste.

  1. Composting: Items for composting include food waste and yard debris. Services to remove them depend on the volume of items and cost around $70 to $100.
  2. Junk Removal: This includes hauling appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, and TVs, sofas, stoves, and the like. Most city and county trash services turn down such service. Professional junk removal services cost ranges from $70 to $570.
  3. Trash Removal: This service is scheduled on a regular basis by your city or county. Charge for such is included in your monthly utility bill.
  4. Waste Removal: Waste includes harmful agents and items such as latex paint and mercury. Waste removal services haul construction debris away such as from a new roofing job where they’ll take away your old shingles or so and cost ranges from $60 to $125. They’ll be able to remove those shingles, metal and tiles away from your home that some roofing companies may not remove. Remember that most junk removal companies do not accept hazardous waste removal.
  5. E-Waste Disposal: Cost for the disposal of e-waste varies as it is usually calculated on the number of items removed. E-waste contains materials that are toxic to humans and the environment. It includes electronic and technical items like computers, copy machines, monitors, and printers.

How Much Does Furniture Removal Cost?

Large pieces of furniture and appliances are challenging to dispose of, so you can expect slightly higher prices for each piece. Below is the average cost for furniture pieces.

  • 3-piece sectional couch or sofa – $208 to $375
  • Entertainment centre – $99 to $250
  • King or Queen mattresses – $70 to $105
  • Washer and dryer – $70 to $205

How Much Does It Cost to Dump at a Landfill?

You can also DIY the removal of your junk items and dump them at a landfill. The price to dump is usually about $50. If hiring a professional, expect to pay between $70 to $150, but it will depend on the load size.

How to Calculate Debris Removal Costs?

The final price for junk removal services is determined by the type or volume of items and the number of truckloads it requires. The average cost is $1.50 per ft3, and common extra pricing factors include:

  • Admin cost
  • Labor cost
  • Vehicle operating cost
  • Drop-off fees
  • Hazardous waste fees
  • Loading time
  • Number of workers required


How much does it cost to haul away a couch?

On average, the cost of junk removal service to haul your furniture away is around $163. For a basic couch and chair, removal service is about $75 to $200.

Should you tip junk haulers?

Like for any other service providers that do an outstanding job, it is customary to tip junk haulers. Tips are critical for them, as they often rely on it besides their actual income. If you receive exceptional service from your junk removers, thank them by giving a tip.

What cannot go in a dumpster?

All hazardous waste cannot go into a dumpster. This includes appliances such as TVs, monitors, and fridges, asbestos, liquids, paints, and solvents. Get in touch with your local county office if you wish to dispose of any hazardous waste.

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of hiring a junk or waste removal service, you might be thinking of how much does it cost to haul junk away, especially if you have large pieces or hazardous items. Well, the final cost you will pay depends on certain factors, such as the type and volume of the items and your location. Some junk removal companies offer on-site pricing and online estimation, so you can take advantage of those to have a clue on what you are going to pay. Therefore, be sure to reach out to a number of junk removal companies to get the best quality work and value.

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