Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Roofing Maintenance Programs

At Bowers Roofing, we have a maintenance program for any type of roof and for various lengths of time, depending on your needs and budgets. We can do one, five or ten year programs for flat, shingled, metal or flat roofs. The goal is to save you money by not needing to replace the roof now or maybe indefinitely.

On flat roofs especially, we can prolong the life of the roof for 10 or 20 years, or more, all the while you never pay for a roof leak. Most companies have roof maintenance programs where they come do regular inspections and fix leaks when they occur, but you don’t get any value from that, and no improvement is being made to the roof. With our programs, we come out every six months and not only inspect the roof, but apply an asphaltic coating the seals a portion of the roof, usually ten (10) percent of the total roof square footage. At the end of ten of these treatments, you have a fully recovered roof. Each six months, an aluminum coating is put on the asphaltic coating so the roof has a high reflectivity value and the tenants in the upper floors usually see reduced electric usage after the recovery is completed over their unit.


So the bottom line is that we can begin a maintenance program on your roof, and install a recovery system that seals it completely for about a third of what a new roof would cost. From day 1, we take complete ownership of the roof and any roof leaks are our responsibility and at no cost to you. There are many roofing companies in Miami, and throughout South Florida that offer inspection and repair services, but Bowers Roofing maintenance programs offer a far more comprehensive solution for extending the life of your roof. Here’s how the program works:

Step One: Moisture Survey

We need to do a moisture survey of the roof. This is like an MRI of the roof, showing us what moisture, if any, is underneath, its location, and how much. We ask that you pay for this survey, because we will pay for the moisture surveys every three years after that to show that the roof is getting dryer and dryer and that our system is working. The survey is very inexpensive, usually $300-$400 depending on the size of the roof.

Step Two: Remedial Work

We all get together and look at the moisture survey to determine the current status of the roof. The engineer that performs the survey may say that it is holding too much moisture and it has to be replaced. This is possible but very rarely happens. Usually the roof will have problem areas but none that we can’t remedy. Once we see the problem areas, we determine a remedial cost to address those areas on our first treatment of the roof. These are usually wet areas around penetrations like A/C units, plumbing vents stacks and drains. This remedial work must be done first so that we can guarantee you will not have any charges for leaks during the maintenance program duration.

Step Three: Scheduled Maintenance

After the remedial work is done on the problem areas, we can schedule an inspection and treatment every six months to cover the necessary square footage of roof doing the recovery system. The total cost to you is spread out over the length of the program whether it’s 5 years or 10 years. This makes your payment every six months very low and easier to work into your annual budget. The best part of the program is at the end of the maintenance period, you’ll have a completely recovered roof and will have never had to pay for any leaks.